Boost Your End-of-Year Financial Success with Holiday Solutions!

Christmas shopping

As we edge closer to the holiday season, it’s time to think not just of snow and gifts, but also of wrapping up your business year on a high note. Wonder how? Address some of the common challenges your potential clients face and how your business is poised to be their festive solution. Remember the…

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Rev Up Your Revenue Step #2: Assess

business and money

Welcome back to Rev Up Your Revenue Step #2: Assess Are you a business owner that keeps up with your numbers, such as how many products have sold, your income, your profit and your expenses? Or are you a business owner who rarely looks at your numbers? Maybe only once a year or so when…

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Rev Up Your Revenue: Step #3 Goal Setting


Just like you, I’m as resistant to setting goals for my business as anyone else. Why? Setting a goal means using a lot of brain energy to determine where I am and where I want to be. It’s easier to just keep on doing what I’m doing… whether it is working well or not. Setting…

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The Biggest Roadblock to Success in Your Business


What is one of the biggest roadblocks to success in your business? Blaming. Maybe you blame the economy, not having enough time or money, as the reason that your business hasn’t taken off like you want it to. I’m going to tell you a secret. Once you take full responsibility for the results in your…

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Sometimes a Bad Apple Can be a Wake Up Call… Snow White

woman unsure

When you hear the story of Snow White, do you ever wonder what would have happened to her if the evil jealous queen had not tried to kill her with the poisoned apple?  What if she had just lived her life out with the seven dwarves, cooking, cleaning and wiping Sneezy’s runny nose? Not a…

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What do you do when things don’t go as planned?

problems and planning

Even when you plan things… and plan them well life can throw you some curve balls. This month my husband and I are living aboard our 38′ sailboat, Ostara in a marina in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our plan? To spend some time getting boat projects completed so we can sail off into the sunset for…

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Five Ways to Create a Five Star Presentation

Even if you hate public speaking Does the thought of public speaking set off waves of anxiety? When you are asked to share information about your business or your ideas, does you mind go blank and your hands start to shake? Are you avoiding speaking dates even though you know it is the best way…

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3 Ways to Set a Goal that Works

goals notebook

Do you have some big goals? Are you making progress? Or are you making excuses? How long have you been saying you were going to write that book?  Start your own business?  Try a new career path? Get out of debt?  Get in shape? Maybe you think you tried and it didn’t pan out.  You…

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Who do you think you are?

Your Mindset and How to Make it Work in Your Favor Who do you think you are to dream about being successful in a business? What makes you think you have a skill or talent that other people would want to invest in?  Who made you an expert? Think you have something unique to offer?…

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Feel like giving up?

What to do when life gets in the way I had good intentions but… I lost my focus and my emotions took over… There was no time to follow through… I feel like giving up… What do you do when you have a vision, set an intention, make a goal… and then stuff happens? You…

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