Who do you think you are?

Your Mindset and How to Make it Work in Your Favor Who do you think you are to dream about being successful in a business? What makes you think you have a skill or talent that other people would want to invest in?  Who made you an expert? Think you have something unique to offer?…

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Is It Time for a Change?

PLan B

Ever wonder what happened to Blockbuster? There was a time when they dominated the market for renting videos. They were seemingly doing everything right. They were growing every year with a very profitable business. When necessary, they made small tweaks like moving from VHS to DVDs to Blu-ray etc. Here were their assumptions: People want…

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What are Your Roadblocks to Success?


Do you have trouble getting started? I know I do and judging from the number of people that I talk to about their future plans that just never seem to materialize, I’d guess that this is a common problem. Leadership coach, John Maxwell says, “If you want to win, you’ve got to start.” Seems pretty…

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How to Answer the Question: What Do You Do?


It’s that age old question: What do you do?  What do you say? Do you find yourself tongue-tied and  stumbling for words? Or do you ramble on for 5 minutes and realize you didn’t really get the message across? How do you condense everything that is involved in your business into a one-liner that makes…

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Why Generic Marketing Programs Don’t Work

Or how to recognize what really works in marketing You see them all the time. They promise extraordinary results. They do all the work for you-all you need to do is click a few times and… voila, (!)  you have a zillion new clients and a gazillion dollars in your bank account. You aren’t the…

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Four Steps to Create a Business

woman on computer

As a business growth coach, I often work with clients who are creating a business on the side while working a full-time job.  The goal of course, is to eventually leave the J O B and work full time in their own business.  Currently, because of Covid-19 and it’s affect on businesses, more people than…

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7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells

woman at coffee booth

7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells With the lifting of Covid restrictions, there are more businesses that are back at conferences, trade shows, festivals and bazaars.  I’ve been selling my children’s picture books and school counselor curriculum at conferences and festivals for over ten years. It can be not only a profitable…

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Need Extra Income? A Business Model that Works

money rain

Use Your Skills to Create Extra Income If recent economic events have taught us anything, it’s that we should all have more than one stream of income. When you have all of your eggs in one basket and that income stream dries up, you are in a difficult, maybe even desperate situation. A coach and…

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3 Secrets to Success on Social Media

women on social media

Is social media necessary for a successful business today? Most businesses feel the answer is yes. However, there is very little guidance on how to utilize it in an effective way. What should you post? Should you include something about you personally or should you keep it strictly to business information? Should you teach people…

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Should You Hire a Coach or DIY?

Wonder When to Hire a Coach? Have you thought about hiring a coach, but wonder if you really need one? Couldn’t you could just do it yourself? Or maybe you could attend one of those webinars that are everywhere for free and follow their strategies? After all… how hard could it be? Here are some thoughts to…

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