Year-End Review: Celebrating Wins and Lessons from 2023

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As the curtain falls on another transformative year, it’s time to embark on a powerful ritual – the Year-End Review. This isn’t just about numbers and statistics; it’s a holistic celebration of both victories and lessons, a roadmap for the exciting entrepreneurial journey ahead. The Gap and the Gain: A Perspective Shift As you delve…

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Boost Your End-of-Year Financial Success with Holiday Solutions!

Christmas shopping

As we edge closer to the holiday season, it’s time to think not just of snow and gifts, but also of wrapping up your business year on a high note. Wonder how? Address some of the common challenges your potential clients face and how your business is poised to be their festive solution. Remember the…

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Scaling Smart: Growing Your Business without Growing Pains

Is you business growing? Whether it is taking off like a rocket or growing at a snail’s pace, it’s still important to make plans for future growth. Scaling a business is like raising a child: it’s filled with moments of pride, sudden growth spurts, and yes, some inevitable teething pains. But just as a seasoned…

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Planning a New Marketing Campaign? Do This First!

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You are planning a new approach to marketing your coaching or consulting business. You know you need to try something new and different but how will you know if this is the right thing to do? Is it worth the time, energy or even money that you are about to put into it. The ICE…

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Are you stressed out? Being an entrepreneur means being stressed… right? Isn’t that just part of the way things work? Stressed about getting new clients. Stressed about getting work done. Stressed about how to present your elevator pitch at the next networking event. What if being stressed isn’t the way it has to be? Feeling…

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Does Personality Style Impact Goal Achievement?

visualize your future

How to work in your strengths and achieve your goals You might wonder what your personality style has to do with how you set and accomplish goals… easy answer: everything. If you use the DISC assessment to understand your personality, then you also will see that each style approaches setting goals differently. Here are some…

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Rev Up Your Revenue #5: Optimize

grow your business

Rev Up Your Revenue #5: Optimize Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to  sales in your business? Should you be? Or is it more important to make sure you are thinking inside the right box? In this post, I’ll identify the three best practices to create sales. Many times the reason sales…

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Rev Up Revenue Step 4: Sell More

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Welcome back to Rev Up Your Revenue Step #4: Sell More Now that you have a goal, what’s next? It’s time to engage with potential clients in a sales conversation. If you are feeling nervous now that I’ve mentioned the word sales, you might want to spend some time looking at your own mindset around…

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Rev Up Your Revenue Step #2: Assess

business and money

Welcome back to Rev Up Your Revenue Step #2: Assess Are you a business owner that keeps up with your numbers, such as how many products have sold, your income, your profit and your expenses? Or are you a business owner who rarely looks at your numbers? Maybe only once a year or so when…

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Rev Up Your Revenue: Step #1 Clarity

money rain

It’s Step 1 of the Rev Up Your Revenue Challenge, and today is all about CLARITY Question: What is clarity and why is it essential for increasing your revenue? Answer: When you are clear in your business, it makes the job of communication and decision making simpler because you know your mission, goals and priorities. In addition, clarity…

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