Feeling Scared? Good!

woman with hat

Is Your Passion Greater than Your Fear? One of the most common emotions that I work with clients on is fear. Fear can be paralyzing. Fear can hold you back from realizing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Fear can be a good thing. Whaaaaat? What if it is possible that fear can influence us,…

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Who do you think you are?

Your Mindset and How to Make it Work in Your Favor Who do you think you are to dream about being successful in a business? What makes you think you have a skill or talent that other people would want to invest in?  Who made you an expert? Think you have something unique to offer?…

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4 Ways to Cope with Change

coping with change

What is something everyone, no matter your age, gender or socioeconomic group, has experienced?  Change. We’ve all had it, we don’t like it and somehow it often takes us by SURPRISE.  So, what can you do to prepare yourself?  The best thing you can do is recognize the unchangeable, positive strengths, gifts and talents you…

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Feel like giving up?

What to do when life gets in the way I had good intentions but… I lost my focus and my emotions took over… There was no time to follow through… I feel like giving up… What do you do when you have a vision, set an intention, make a goal… and then stuff happens? You…

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What are you afraid of?

woman afraid

What are you afraid of? Someone else’s opinion of you? Not measuring up? Making a mistake? Crashing and burning in your business? Helen Keller certainly had all of those feelings and more. Imagine what it must have been like not to see or hear. There must have been many times when she was afraid. Yet,…

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7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells

woman at coffee booth

7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells With the lifting of Covid restrictions, there are more businesses that are back at conferences, trade shows, festivals and bazaars.  I’ve been selling my children’s picture books and school counselor curriculum at conferences and festivals for over ten years. It can be not only a profitable…

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Is your mindset sabotaging your sales?

woman holding money

Five Mindsets that Kill Sales Most of the time when people get advice on how to increase their sales, they get strategies. Things like: Call X number of people, follow a script, identify the benefits of your product, develop a relationship with your customer. All these things can be valuable but, if your mindset isn’t…

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Is Now the Right Time?

questioning woman

4 Reasons to Set an Intention Now Sometimes things come along at just the right time.  It’s almost as though we ask the universe a question and voila– the answer appears. Has that ever happened to you? Of course we have to be open to recognizing the opportunity and an important part of taking that…

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Need something to lift your mood?

smiling woman

Here is a free and effortless mood lifter What if there was one simple thing that you could do repeatedly, that would lift your mood and the mood of everyone around you, strangers and friends alike? And what if that one thing was so simple it took no extra energy or effort? What if it…

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