What are you afraid of?

woman afraid

What are you afraid of? Someone else’s opinion of you? Not measuring up? Making a mistake? Crashing and burning in your business? Helen Keller certainly had all of those feelings and more. Imagine what it must have been like not to see or hear. There must have been many times when she was afraid. Yet,…

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7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells

woman at coffee booth

7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells With the lifting of Covid restrictions, there are more businesses that are back at conferences, trade shows, festivals and bazaars.  I’ve been selling my children’s picture books and school counselor curriculum at conferences and festivals for over ten years. It can be not only a profitable…

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Is your mindset sabotaging your sales?

woman holding money

Five Mindsets that Kill Sales Most of the time when people get advice on how to increase their sales, they get strategies. Things like: Call X number of people, follow a script, identify the benefits of your product, develop a relationship with your customer. All these things can be valuable but, if your mindset isn’t…

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Is Now the Right Time?

questioning woman

4 Reasons to Set an Intention Now Sometimes things come along at just the right time.  It’s almost as though we ask the universe a question and voila– the answer appears. Has that ever happened to you? Of course we have to be open to recognizing the opportunity and an important part of taking that…

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Need something to lift your mood?

smiling woman

Here is a free and effortless mood lifter What if there was one simple thing that you could do repeatedly, that would lift your mood and the mood of everyone around you, strangers and friends alike? And what if that one thing was so simple it took no extra energy or effort? What if it…

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Are you stuck in your story?

And How to Get Unstuck! We all have stories that we tell ourselves. We usually call it our history or our childhood but in truth, it is how we make sense of the world. All of our stories are flawed in some way, because the stories that we develop as children can’t  take into account…

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What is holding you back?

 Three Mindsets that Keep You Stuck One of my favorite books is Who Moved My Cheese?  by Spencer Johnson.  I especially like the children’s version with it’s colorful pictures and clever text. As a school counselor, I read the story in classrooms and discussed the behavior of the four characters with children. I’ve also loaned…

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6 negative thinking patterns

And how to turn them around Are you second guessing yourself? Is there something that you should move forward on but… you are holding back on taking the necessary steps. waiting for perfection waiting to feel more confident and certain or just plain avoiding it because it feels so uncomfortable? But it’s still there isn’t? …

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Are you procratinating?

Can’t seem to find the motivation you need? You know what you need to do but… You’ve promised yourself that today will be different, but well… you held yourself back again. You are beginning to wonder if you should just trash the idea altogether.  After all you are stressing yourself out over not doing it…

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