Understand How the Brain Works to Sell More and Serve More

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Every business owner that I talk with would like to sell more so they can serve more. Chefs want to sell more so more customers can enjoy their specialty cuisine. Non profits want donors to give more so they can help more clients. Fashion stylists want to help more customers look their best so they…

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Not Getting the Marketing Results that You Want?

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Three Ways to Create a Message that Clicks It was right-under-my-nose and if it’d-been-a-snake-it-would-have-bitten-me. The lunch box that I carried everyday to work was missing and I had looked for it everywhere. I looked all over the dining room, the car and my lunch spot at work, repeatedly, daily, frequently. I mulled over the possibilities with increasing…

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Why Generic Marketing Programs Don’t Work

Or how to recognize what really works in marketing You see them all the time. They promise extraordinary results. They do all the work for you-all you need to do is click a few times and… voila, (!)  you have a zillion new clients and a gazillion dollars in your bank account. You aren’t the…

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7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells

woman at coffee booth

7 Ways to Create a Conference Booth that Sells With the lifting of Covid restrictions, there are more businesses that are back at conferences, trade shows, festivals and bazaars.  I’ve been selling my children’s picture books and school counselor curriculum at conferences and festivals for over ten years. It can be not only a profitable…

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3 Secrets to Success on Social Media

women on social media

Is social media necessary for a successful business today? Most businesses feel the answer is yes. However, there is very little guidance on how to utilize it in an effective way. What should you post? Should you include something about you personally or should you keep it strictly to business information? Should you teach people…

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Two Secrets to Marketing Your Product or Service

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The Secret to Success in Marketing You will hear a lot of suggestions about how to market your business. In fact, you may hear so many different strategies and tips that you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. There a whole books written and programs designed to teach entrepreneurs how to market. And…

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Where is the story in your business?

A couple of years ago, I was consulting with a business owner recently who has a gift for seeing the story, the message in everything that his business does.  You might find that hard to believe if you knew his business.  He cleans. You know, offices, homes, dorms, new construction.  Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets. Where’s…

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Create an elevator pitch that clicks

Your elevator pitch and you You are at a networking event and someone asks you, “What do you do?”  What does your elevator pitch sound like? A. Um… I’m justa coach. B.  I help people who are in life transition… you know,  like in their career or relationships or parenting troubles and, I even help people…

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Seven Secrets to Selling More of Anything

Even if you hate selling stuff One aspect of being an author that I initially hated and feared was selling and marketing my books.  In the beginning I was one of those people who said, “I can’t sell anything.”  However if you produce a product, eventually you want to share it with others and unless…

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