Rev Up Your Revenue Step #2: Assess

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Welcome back to Rev Up Your Revenue Step #2: Assess Are you a business owner that keeps up with your numbers, such as how many products have sold, your income, your profit and your expenses? Or are you a business owner who rarely looks at your numbers? Maybe only once a year or so when…

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Rev Up Your Revenue: Step #1 Clarity

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It’s Step 1 of the Rev Up Your Revenue Challenge, and today is all about CLARITY Question: What is clarity and why is it essential for increasing your revenue? Answer: When you are clear in your business, it makes the job of communication and decision making simpler because you know your mission, goals and priorities. In addition, clarity…

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Rev Up Your Revenue: Step #3 Goal Setting


Just like you, I’m as resistant to setting goals for my business as anyone else. Why? Setting a goal means using a lot of brain energy to determine where I am and where I want to be. It’s easier to just keep on doing what I’m doing… whether it is working well or not. Setting…

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The Biggest Roadblock to Success in Your Business


What is one of the biggest roadblocks to success in your business? Blaming. Maybe you blame the economy, not having enough time or money, as the reason that your business hasn’t taken off like you want it to. I’m going to tell you a secret. Once you take full responsibility for the results in your…

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Is your mindset sabotaging your business?

Mindset Matters in Business What if it’s possible that you are accidentally sabotaging your business with a scarcity mindset? Have you ever said: “Charging that price would be highway robbery.” “I try to help everyone who needs my help.  If I get more specific about who I serve, I’ll wind up with no clients at…

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5 ways your mindset may be keeping you poor

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Do you have a rich mindset or a poor mindset? What are your beliefs about money?   Equally important, what are your beliefs about yourself?   Do you believe that you provide value and quality work?   Do you feel confident in your ability and talent?   Do you believe that you deserve a rich…

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Are you spending or investing?

What is the difference? Ever thought about how you use your money? There are two ways to use money and it’s important to  recognize the difference. When you spend money… it’s gone.  There is no return on the money.  Of course you have something in it’s place:  a new outfit, a new car, a new…

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