woman holding money

Is your mindset sabotaging your sales?

Five Mindsets that Kill Sales Most of the time when people get advice on how to increase their ...
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worried woman

Your Sales Problems Should Not Be Your Customer’s Problem

If you attend enough networking events, you will eventually hear this kind of sales message: Please help me ...
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Three Reasons Your Sales Conversation Isn’t Getting Results

Are you frustrated with your sales? Are you putting in a lot of time attending networking events, luncheons, ...
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women on social media

3 Secrets to Success on Social Media

Is social media necessary for a successful business today? Most businesses feel the answer is yes. However, there ...
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Should You Hire a Coach or DIY?

Wonder When to Hire a Coach? Have you thought about hiring a coach, but wonder if you really ...
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5 Strengths of the Female Brain and How to Maximize Them

UNLEASHING THE POWER OF THE FEMALE BRAIN One of the most fascinating areas of research in the last ...
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woman change the world

Changing the world

One Business at a time You are meant to make a difference in the world. Don't underestimate the ...
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questioning woman

Is Now the Right Time?

4 Reasons to Set an Intention Now Sometimes things come along at just the right time.  It's almost ...
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business woman

The #1 Habit Guaranteed to Increase Your Success

 Hint:  It's not what you think... What do you need to do to be successful in your business, in your ...
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Two Secrets to Marketing Your Product or Service

The Secret to Success in Marketing You will hear a lot of suggestions about how to market your ...
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