Build Your Business Boot Camp

So many entrepreneurial wannabes are lost in the details of where to begin--and so they do nothing… or worse, duct tape together a system. Let’s create a system that works:

Four Short Video Modules

  • Mindset Matters
  • Identify Your Dream Client
  • Your Clients and You
  • Creating Your Client System

A Build Your Business Toolkit

Crush Your Business Goals Blueprint

Are you ready to build a purpose-based profitable business that results in more freedom, more income and greater impact? Need a coaching program that does it all:

  • Develop a clear and compelling message
  • Determine your vision and mission
  • Use research-based assessments to work in your strengths
  • Align your energy with a positive mindset
  • Create a system that works

Clarify Your Message and Present Like a Pro

Words matter and now, more than ever, your message matters. Whether you are presenting to a networking group or doing a Facebook Live or a Zoom meeting, no one will buy your product if your message isn’t clear and compelling.

What you’ll discover:

  • Get crystal clear with your business message so you engage clients
  • Create marketing materials that convert your audience into paying clients
  • Answer the question, “What do you do?” from a confident and authentic place of inner alignment that makes people excited to work with you

Schedule your Business Accelerator Call here to identify the 3 things holding you back in your business and what to do about them.

Who it’s for: 

Business Leaders who know that they need some direction but aren’t sure what to do first.

What you’ll discover:

Learn the 3 things that are holding you back in your business and the one thing you need to focus on to increase sales, profitability, and impact. 

Praise for Lynne


Wow! Lynne’s expertise in personality styles, mindset and priority management is a powerful combination.  The interactive and personalized format was engaging and gave me tools I can use and actions I can take right away. I am able to more clearly articulate what my business is (What do you do?) and who it serves (Who is your ideal client?), and I have come away with a system for building my business (How do I do it?) 

~Erin Shaw

tracey H

When I started working with Lynne, I felt desperate, depressed, hopeless, and exhausted. My patient schedule was practically empty, and I was almost broke. With Lynne guiding me, encouraging me, and most importantly, helping me develop my brand message and concrete business systems, I now have a practice that is booming. Within just a few weeks of coaching, my business exploded. I’m scheduling 2 new patients every day!  My entire outlook has changed. I feel like a success, and I’ve stepped into the professional that I am. Not only am I now happy, but because I am in a better place, my personal relationships have also improved. The coaching program is worth way more than the price. Thank you!

Tracey Huffman