How to Answer the Question: What Do You Do?

It’s that age old question: What do you do? 

What do you say?
Do you find yourself tongue-tied and  stumbling for words?
Or do you ramble on for 5 minutes and realize you didn’t really get the message across?
How do you condense everything that is involved in your business into a one-liner that makes someone lean in, listen up, and ask you to tell them more?
Here are a few tips:
  • Begin by identifying the problem you solve: You know how people are struggling to…
  • Follow with a short description of your solution or plan that includes your unique selling proposition. What is your unique selling proposition? It is the unique benefit that a particular product offers to its customers. It is what sets you apart.
So how do you answer the question? It might go something like this:
You know how everyone wants to eat a healthy delicious dinner every night after a day of work but no one has the time to cook? I provide a ready made healthy delicious meal that they can fix in minutes, even if they hate to cook. And it allows families to build better relationships around the dinner table.
You know how business owners struggle to describe their business when asked what they do? I help them create a short, concise but compelling one-liner that makes the listener want to know more about the business.

When you make your message clear and simple by identifying the problem you solve and including the benefit to the customer, then you are positioned to sell more, serve more and have a bigger impact in the world.


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