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Is your mindset sabotaging your sales?

Five Mindsets that Kill Sales

Most of the time when people get advice on how to increase their sales, they get strategies. Things like: Call X number of people, follow a script, identify the benefits of your product, develop a relationship with your customer. All these things can be valuable but, if your mindset isn’t aligned with a positive sales identity, you are probably sabotaging your results without realizing it. Here are five mindsets that will limit you:

  • I’m not a salesperson. I love my product/service and helping people but I’m just not a salesperson.
    • How to challenge it: Reframe the role that you play. Instead of thinking of sales as something that takes advantage of others and causes them to purchase things they don’t want, instead identify how you help people through your business. This is actually sales at its best. If you can master this one thing, sales can become your new love language.
  • I’m afraid people will misunderstand my motivation. People will think badly of me and think I’m trying to be someone I’m not. They will think I’m trying to take advantage of them or putting on airs or being too pushy.
    • How to challenge it: In this case we are putting our own fears on someone else. We have no control over what people think of us whether we are selling something or not. Instead of focusing and what people think of you, focus on how you can authentically communicate your desire to help someone.
  • I’m afraid no one will pay this price, it’s too high.
    • How to challenge it: While some may think your product or service is priced too high, there are others who may actually think that it is a good deal or worth even more. It is not your job to virtually walk through someone’s wallet and guess what they want or are able to pay. Instead focus on the value of what you sell and the difference it can make in someone’s life
  • There are lots of other products that are similar and possibly better; I can’t compete with them.
    • How to challenge it: While there may be other similar products, your product or service is unique to you and the value that you bring to it. Identify what that is and stand firm and confident in what you provide. Competition is a good thing, and it gives people choices. What is the excellence that you bring with your product or service? Make sure you communicate that unique value.
  • The only way I can sell this is to give a discount or give it away for free
    • How to challenge it: Whenever you give a discount or give something away you devalue the product or service You are in essence saying it isn’t worth the value assigned to it and what people expect they receive. They may feel they don’t get any benefit from the product or even fail to try it at all. You get what you pay for isn’t just an expression. It’s a value that we take to heart. Instead of selling a product by discounting it, add more value with a bonus if you want to help someone experience the benefits of your product.

Aligning your mindset with a positive sales identity can make all the difference in your business and in the sales you make.

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