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3 Secrets to Success on Social Media

Is social media necessary for a successful business today? Most businesses feel the answer is yes. However, there is very little guidance on how to utilize it in an effective way.

What should you post?

Should you include something about you personally or should you keep it strictly to business information?

Should you teach people and offer lots of free information?

How frequently should you promote your product and ask for a sale? How often should you post?

Is singing and dancing a requirement to get engagement?

If you are confused and overwhelmed… it is certainly understandable. Here are 3 secrets to success on social media

The Secret to Social Media Success


  •   Have clear goals:   Too many business owners spread themselves thin trying to engage everyone. Instead, first determine what you are trying to achieve by being on social media. Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? Are you trying to increase your email list? Are you trying to sell a product or service?
    • Bottom line:  Knowing your goal helps in defining a clear message. And having a clear goal helps determine how best to develop and engage your audience.
  • Focus on one priority:   Once you know your goal, make sure you keep that front and center of your presence on the platform. Be consistent. If you are scattered and post about too many different topics, then people don’t identify you with your business.
    • Bottom line: When you show up consistently and share how your product or service solves a problem, people identify you with that problem solution. This means when they have that problem, you are their go-to person for how to solve it. Make sure it is easy to find you. Target your ideal customer, build the relationship and know that the sales will come.
  • Don’t just educate, activate: The one thing that businesses most often neglect on social media is a call to action. Make sure every post tells people what to do and how to do it to access your product or service.
    • Bottom line: It can be a link to your website or a request to email or direct message you for more information, but make sure to give the reader something to do to take the next step. Make sure every post has a clear call to action that is connected to your goals.

Ditch the overwhelm when it comes to social media by following these three simple guidelines.

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