5 Strengths of the Female Brain and How to Maximize Them


What are some of the strengths of the female brain?

Because of the increased activity, females often exhibit greater strengths in the areas of:

• Empathy
• Intuition
• Collaboration
• Self-control
• Appropriate worrying

Unfortunately, this increased activity also makes women more vulnerable to anxiety and depression, which they suffer from twice as much as men.

Putting those strengths to work:

1. Women are natural care takers and often prioritize caring for others before caring for themselves. Neglecting self care can steal our own health and make us sick. Create a balance between empathy for others and self-care.

2.Tapping into  your intuition can help you gain insight and solve problems faster. Trust your intuition and recognize the power of it.

3. Women value relationships so using collaboration is a natural strength. This is one reason why women often make great bosses. Find ways to use collaboration to solve conflicts and build community.

4. Women have an active pre-frontal cortex and consequently strong self control. When coupled with a healthy lifestyle and healthy decision making it is a win/win.

5. Appropriate worrying means that some anxiety is good if it keeps you on track and focused on problem solving. Find natural ways to keep your anxiety under control, such as exercise, positive self-talk or meditation.

Want to learn more about the female brain? Check out Daniel Amen’s book: Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex

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