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Two Tips to Double Your Productivity

Eliminate Two Things to Be More Productive

What if you could make two simple changes in your life and double your productivity?  

What if it not only increased your productivity but it also freed you from unnecessary stress and frustration? 

It’s a no brainer… right? 

Here are two changes I’ve been making that have improved my productivity as well as created a calmer environment and a more focused mindset in my daily life.  

Eliminate Unnecessary Possessions

I’m on a mission to eliminate unnecessary stuff in my life.  After a life time of storing stuff, saving stuff in case I need it later and moving stuff around to make room for more stuff… I’m discarding stuff.  This means that I am selling it, giving it away or tossing it in the trash.  All the stuff that you have in your life either takes up space or costs you in time and energy.  And the more you have, the less likely you are to even know where it is, when and if you finally decide to use it.

Here are a few aha’s that have helped me to eliminate stuff:

  • I don’t have to find the perfect home for my stuff-  I used to think that I had to keep stuff that was still useful until I found someone else who could use it.  I needed to donate my art supplies to an art teacher or artist somewhere.  I needed to find someone who could use my perfectly good winter coat that doesn’t really fit me. You get the idea. All this meant that I wound up keeping stuff even longer while I took on the role of being the perfect matchmaker.  I’ve since decided that nonprofit organizations are actually better matchmakers than I will ever be and they save the rest of us a lot of time by being professionals at it.  
  • Memories are not tied to stuff– Memories are about experiences with people that I love. Saving a bunch of mementos that neither of us ever look at is not a useful way of preserving those memories.  Creating time to reflect on those memories and create new ones with those same people is much more effective and enjoyable. Consequently, I’ve been sorting photos and art work from my kid’s childhood and creating photo albums of it. 
  • Your workspace reflects your work mindset: I’ve also been organizing and clearing clutter out of my office. Do you really ever look at all those old notes that you took from webinars, conferences or books read? Me neither. Those supplies that you are saving for someday when you need them… will you ever really use a box of 200 rubber bands or 1000 gem clips? It’s easier to stay focused on your work when you aren’t constantly looking for what you need to get the work done. 
  •  Less is more– The less I have, the more I use and enjoy what I do have.  And the more time and energy I have to enjoy it.

Eliminate Time-wasters

I’m also eliminating time-wasters from my life.  Losing myself to mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest posts or surfing television channels for mind-numbing entertainment is gone.  Instead I’m using my time very intentionally by scheduling it.  Does this mean I never relax or have fun?  Of course not but I schedule some time to make sure it happens and then plan it.   I don’t wonder where the time went in my day. I know because I scheduled it.

Here are a few aha’s that have helped in eliminating time wasters:

  • Create routine wherever possible–  The brain looks for, craves, creates and repeats patterns.  Develop a system for meals, the clothes you wear, the tasks that you do every day. Make it easy and mindless.
  • Create bookends around your day–  Create a morning routine that energizes you and gets your day off to a creative start.  Create an evening routine that completes the day and sets you up for success the next day.
  • Identify and set priorities for your time–  When you determine your priorities for your day, early in the day, it is much harder to be led astray by the many distractions in our lives. Your time is too valuable to waste on things that don’t serve a purpose. 

What about you? 

What do you need to eliminate from your life in order to simplify and focus on the things that matter? 

What is the biggest challenge in doing that? I’d love to hear in the comment section.  

Want to double your productivity? 

Ready to move beyond dreaming and start achieving your personal goals?

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