Six reasons to create an exit plan from your job

Even if you think you never want to leave

Even if you love your job

Especially if the time to go was… last year.

Because life changes–you need a Plan B, even when:

  1. You think you have the most stable job in the world.  After all isn’t technology here to stay?  Aren’t nurses and teachers always in demand?  The answer of course is “It depends.”  The world is changing so rapidly, you can’t count on staying in your job forever like in the good ole days.  Whole industries get outsourced.  The popularity of particular careers comes and goes.  There is a shortage one day and a surplus the next.
  2. You love your co-workers and the culture of your work environment.  Like job stability, this can change overnight.  Bosses are transferred or move on.  Co-workers leave for better opportunities and before you know it, the culture and environment you loved just isn’t the same.  While you used to love going to work everyday, now it’s just… well, a routine.
  3. You are being paid well for your skills.  When you work for someone else, you have little control over the pay scale.  Maybe you’ve hit a glass ceiling and can’t progress.  Maybe your financial picture changes and you will need to increase your salary.  Maybe you simply could make more if you marketed your skills outside your current workplace.  It is always good to keep your options open.
  4. You are healthy, happy and living the dream now.  Life can change in the blink of an eye.  What if your health or the health of a family member changed?  What if you needed to take a sabbatical to care for an elderly parent or a chronically ill child?  What if your spouse is transferred to another state?  I’m not saying that you have to anticipate disaster, but its a good idea to always have some alternatives in mind.
  5. You’ve been in your job so long that you are the expert and think you are irreplaceable. I hate to tell you but no matter how valuable you are… someone could replace you.  Maybe not in every way, but they could adequately do your job.  The real question is “Have you stopped growing?”  “Are you bored with what you do?”  “Are you becoming complacent and lazy in your job because you’ve lost your zest and your enthusiasm?”
  6. You love the work that you do.  Sometimes we love the work  but the standards change.  We’re asked to do more and more with less and less resources.  Where we once had great freedom and chances for creativity, the job becomes more routine and  standardized.

What if tomorrow were the day that you woke and your world changed?

Would you know the direction you wanted to go in?

What if you had a Plan B?

Do you need an exit plan from your job?

Day Job to Dream Job:  Are you ready for a change?

Tired of having someone else tell you what to do and when to do it?

Are there days when you wonder what would happen if you got up, left your job and didn’t come back?

Was today one of those days?

Do you have a dream inside dying to get out?

Are you ready to get started creating work you love?

Join Lynne Watts and Kathy Brunner for

a free teleseminar:

Day Job to Dream Job:  Are you ready for a change?  

When: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 7:00 P.M.

Can’t wait for you to join us!

Let us know that you are coming and get call-in details about the teleseminar here:

Got specific questions about YOUR move from Day Job to Dream Job and want us to

address them?

Just shoot one of us an email and let us know your question: or

Who We Are:


Lynne Watts

I am President and founder of Dream Achiever Coaching where I am a coach, speaker and author of five children’s books and three adult inspirational books. I especially enjoy working with author-preneurs.  After over twenty years of experience as a school counselor, I left my career to become a writer and  to coach other aspiring entrepreneurs. As a certified human behavior specialist with training in the DISC personality profile, I encourage others to understand and celebrate the unique personality strengths of themselves and others. I help clients discover their true calling and live it out with passion, purpose and courage.


Kathy Brunner:

I am the owner of LAST BRAND STANDING,  a company dedicated to helping people develop their dream career whether as an entrepreneur or  an “encorepreneurs” ( those who have left a job or are looking to leave a current career and start a business).  My mission is to inspire, encourage and equip individuals to discover and develop their passion and to create a viable business model from it.

Grab your seat here!

We can’t wait to talk with you!

Lynne and Kathy

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Ready to give up on your new business?



Feel like you’ve been working like a maniac on your business… with few results?

Wonder what you need to do to get the clients or the sales that you want?

Checking your website every few minutes to see if you’ve sold anything?

Thinking about giving up?

It’s easy to get discouraged when you are starting up a business.  The learning curve is steep and the results don’t always match your efforts.

Bet it’s not you and your business though that’s the problem…it’s the type of action you are taking

Passive Action

Most of us take a lot of passive action in start-up–which is fine because that is what we need.  You know;  attending workshops, reading books and blogs, listening to podcasts.  But it’s important not to get stuck there.  Because taking passive action can feel like you are really doing something when you are really just consuming something. It can become a comfortable place to camp out.

Bet you know someone who is a professional student right? That’s someone who is an expert at taking passive action.

Massive Action

Massive action on the other hand involves determining the result you want and then taking the action you need to get there for as long as it takes to get the result you want.

Starting a business is a lot like taking a trip.  If you turned around and went home every time you got stopped at a stop light then you’d never get to your destination.  But since you made the commitment to take the trip and actually arrive at your destination, you don’t give up every time you get stopped.  You just figure it is part of the journey.

How many times have you taken action and been disappointed with not getting the sale or the client?

What was your next step?

If “give up” was your answer then you don’t know what it means to take massive action.

What if instead of giving up, you anticipated those obstacles?

What if your next step was increasing your efforts?

How many prospective clients did you contact last week? Could you double that number this week?

That is massive action.

Make a commitment for 30 days.  Then take massive action to reach your goal.

Let me know how it works.

Doors are Open for: Maximize your Momentum Mastermind

Have you been thinking about making a move from your day job to a job that really matters to you?

Feel like you have many ideas but no plan on how to turn them into viable income?

Stuck in a job you hate but don’t have any idea of what you could do instead?

Been thinking about starting your own business for some time but you’re stuck in the waiting trap.  You know…

waiting for the right time,

more money,

better circumstances,

the stars to align…

Click here to read more



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10 secrets genuinely confident people never told you

Being confident is not a gift.  It’s not built into your DNA.  It’s a step by step learned process.

Genuinely confident people understand that being confident is not something that descends upon you, fully formed.

They didn’t wake up one morning and discover they were suddenly (thank goodness, it’s about time!) confident.

They didn’t take a fast acting, time release confident pill.

Just like everyone else, genuinely confident people face challenges, but they choose to create a confident mindset out of those challenges.  Here are the some secrets genuinely confident people don’t tell you:

1. They’re not confident all the time.

Confidence is the end result of taking the necessary steps to develop it. Even confident people have moments (many moments) of self-doubt and fear.  They just don’t let those moments define who they are and how they show up.

2. They have learned to make a commitment to their future.

Confident people have learned to look forward and determine the future they wish to have.  They set goals.  They envision the future and they make a commitment to make it happen.  They dream big and they play big.

3. They know the value of the past and learn from it.

For the genuinely confident person, the past is a wealth of information both positive and negative that can generate energy and focus for the future.  Understanding and reflecting on the stories and events of the past is an opportunity to start fresh; to build a better and stronger foundation. Instead of staying stuck in old patterns, confident people learn from their past experience and step into their future with that knowledge, consciously choosing what they will use going forward.

5. They recognize their skills, abilities and imperfections.

Genuinely confident people understand what makes them special and unique.  They let their talents and gifts shine! They’ve come to terms with who they are and have accepted their imperfections, which allows them to take imperfect action.   They understand that imperfections can be just as empowering as their gifts and talents.

6. They make a conscious choice to be authentic.

Confidence is not the same as being arrogant or conceited.  It is instead an inner alignment with their authentic selves. It’s a willingness to be seen as who they truly are, to be comfortable in their own skin and it shows.

7. They don’t judge or compare themselves to others.

Confident people have no need or want to compare themselves to others. They celebrate in other’s success and recognize it as a sign that it is an abundant world.  There is enough for all. Worrying about what others are doing, or not doing, is unnecessary and time-consuming, and creates a false sense of superiority or inferiority.

8. They know how to refocus, realign and renew.

When faced with problems or doubts, they realign with their intention and goals, review their plan and revise if necessary.   By refocusing, they can approach difficulties from a new perspective.

9. They know that courage comes before confidence.

Courage is not a lack of fear.  Courage is rather taking action in the face of fear.  Developing courage is like developing a muscle.  It always involves some pain but it is worth it in the end. Yes, it’s scary, but that’s all part of the dance. By doing it scared, they take control of their lives.

10. They take risks.

Confident people are risk takers.  But they don’t take risks because they are confident…they are confident because they take risks.  What drives them is growth and the opportunity to learn more about who they are, and what they can accomplish. They know there’s always a chance they may fail, but for them, failure is just another life lesson.

 Ready to take the next step toward developing your dream business?  Dream Achiever Coaching focuses on both your mindset and your self-confidence, as well as your business strategies.  

Read about it here:

Sign up for a free clarity call and see if Dream Achiever Coaching is for you.  Email me at to set up a Coaching Clarity Call.


I had lots of ideas, but no idea how to actually take the first step toward making my dream a reality. Lucky for me, the Dream Achiever Coaching program had everything that I needed to begin taking precious baby steps. The strategy sessions clearly identified each next step in an order that made perfect sense. And the mindset sessions gave me the confidence I needed to move forward!

~Ellen Quarles

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Five signs its time to make a change…


You’ve waited long enough…

  1. You’ve been waiting for things to get better…for a very long time.  Whether you are overwhelmed with the mounting workload on your job or hoping (and praying) that your boss will start giving you the recognition you deserve, your focus is on the wrong thing.  Things don’t change because we hope and pray they will, things change because we become a change agent and take charge of the situation.  Make sure that you’ve done your part to facilitate the change you want to see in your world.
  2. You’re miserable but secure–You’re fooling yourself on this one.  How many people do you know that have been laid off from safe jobs?  How many concessions have you made because…well at least I have benefits?  a steady paycheck?  I’m not a fan of ditching it all, just a fan of being realistic.  If you are miserable it’s a sign to explore your options.  I believe in making changes before changes happen to you.
  3. You’re bored  to death…but think it’s better than being stressed out (because you’ve been there too).   I hate to tell you that boredom and a lack of stimulation can be as stressful as a job where you are overwhelmed with pressure and responsibilities. If you aren’t excited about growing, changing, learning and developing new skills then you and your brain are dying…
  4. You’re hanging on until you get everything finished–perfectly of course.  Most jobs don’t have a finish line.  Finish one article and begin another.  Teach one semester and prepare for the next.  Complete the monthly report and start collecting data for the next one.  Sell two widgets and contact more prospects.  Recognize that waiting for the perfect time to make a change is an illusion that only exists in your mind.
  5. Your life is out of balance–You work all the time.  In fact, you’ve forgotten what it means to have a fun afternoon or weekend.  You’re always thinking about work even when you aren’t actually there.  You take your work home with you and do it in your spare time…okay, so you really don’t have spare time because you’re always working if not physically, at least mentally.

The ABC’s of change

Making a change is hard.  Even when it is a change for the better.  It’s easy to generate worry and anxiety about the future.  Here are a few quick tips to deal with the fear:

  1. Recognize that feelings of uncertainty and anxiety are normal.  They are a sign that you are moving forward into a new experience.  They are not a sign to quit.
  2. Create a plan.  Do some research.  Make a budget.  Create an action plan.  Put some structure around your move forward.
  3. Get some support.  Whether you find a mentor, a coach or a supportive BFF, going it alone is…well, lonely and often results in failure.


Doors are Open for: Maximize your Momentum Mastermind

Have you been thinking about making a move from your day job to a job that really matters to you?

Feel like you have many ideas but no plan on how to turn them into viable income?

Stuck in a job you hate but don’t have any idea of what you could do instead?

Been thinking about starting your own business for some time but you’re stuck in the waiting trap.  You know…

waiting for the right time,

more money,

better circumstances,

the stars to align…

Click here to read more

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Do you have a story to tell?

Open book magic

Your life is a story someone needs to hear.

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you read a book or watch a movie and think… I have a story that’s even better than that…

Do your friends and relatives tell you to write about your experience?

What is holding you back?

Some Common Roadblocks

Maybe you think you don’t have the time.

Maybe you think you don’t have the writing ability… you sit down and the words just don’t come.

Maybe you are overwhelmed by the whole process;  writing, publishing, and then–there’s the marketing.

Maybe you are an introvert and the thought of sharing something so personal is really intimidating.

What if I told you it is possible to share your story anyway?  Bet you knew that already:)

My Favorite Fairy Tale

When I was a little girl, my favorite fairy tale was Goldilocks and The Three Bears. You remember the story don’t you? Goldilocks sits in one chair and it is too big and she sits in another chair and it is too small. She finally sits in a third chair and it is JUST RIGHT!

I can’t tell you how strongly I identify with this little girl who is trying to get everything in her life ‘just right’. Much of my life’s goal has been to fly below the radar and take the comfortable risk-free path.  While the idea that following a certain path would take me to my destination without any mistakes is quite appealing, I frequently have to remind myself how unrealistic that is. After all, even Goldilocks had to try out a few options before she got it just right!

Recognizing that living a purposeful, intentional life involves making mistakes and taking risks is important because it gives us permission to try different options and to be okay with possible failure.

 The lesson for myself and Goldilocks is that being concerned with getting everything just right is really…just wrong.

Tell you story 2

Your Story Matters

One of my favorite gifts that I received when I retired last year was this lovely canvas designed by Kelly Rae Roberts.  She is a favorite artist of mine since she began her career as a social worker,transitioned into being an artist and does this extraordinary art that combines quotes and collage.  Even though I don’t know her, I feel we share something in common and her art pieces always speak to me.

 This one says, Your beautifully, messy, complicated Story Matters, Tell It.

Don’t you just love that?

Do you believe that your story matters?

Are you telling it?

My Unremarkable Story

One of the reasons that I failed to tell my story in the past was because I believed it was not extraordinary.  After all, the story of a shy introvert who was so afraid of her voice that she tried to live under the radar while she waited for permission, waited to be discovered/rescued and waited for her life to be “just right”, isn’t a story worth telling… is it? To have a story to tell, you need one that’s remarkable, don’t you?  You need to have scaled mountain peaks, and overcome great obstacles, and slain a few dragons.  I hadn’t done any of that so what was there to tell?

It’s All in Your Perception

It wasn’t until I started telling my unremarkable story that I learned that telling my story could be an inspiration to others.  It could bring comfort, hope, and challenge to someone else who felt the same way. And then this amazing thing happened.  As I told my story, it became a remarkable story because through telling it I was no longer the shy introvert who tried be invisible and didn’t make a difference or take a risk.  I became the shy introvert who moved beyond the story I told myself to the confident, capable, make a difference in the world person that I am (most of the time!) today.

That’s a remarkable story isn’t it?  It’s a story of overcoming personal challenges, scaling seemingly impossible mountains of doubt and slaying some internal dragons.

Turns out there’s a lot to tell.

And there’s a lot of people who need to hear your story to give them the encouragement and the strength to slay their own dragons too.

What’s Your Story?

Do you believe that you have a story to tell?

Are you afraid that it’s too unremarkable, too messy, too imperfect, too shameful, too embarrassing to tell?

Begin today to share your story.  Maybe you begin with one sentence, one paragraph, one word.

Maybe you start slowly and cautiously, but please start.  Because your story does matter.

Tell it.  Someone is waiting to hear.

Want to read my whole story?  You can find it on Amazon:

The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life

Want some help to write your story and publish it?  I offer a coaching program designed for aspiring writers who are just getting started.  You can learn all about it here:

Writing your book is only the beginning! Lynne Watts’ Self Publishing Guide offers an excellent and comprehensive guide  for the self-publishing process. She explains what you need to consider and implement before your book goes to print.
~Erin K. Casey, author of the Zany Zia’s Hats to Where adventure series


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4 secrets to tap into your brain’s positive energy

I was recently coaching a client who was beginning two new part-time jobs. Her biggest worry was being overwhelmed and stressed out with the new paperwork procedures that she would need to learn.  Here’s what she didn’t realize; she was generating lots of negative energy by her perspective on the paperwork.

Her mindset:  “I know myself well enough to know that I will be overwhelmed and stressed out with the new paperwork.”

This mindset made her…

you guessed it…overwhelmed and stressed out.

Here’s what she wasn’t taking into account:  This amazing, resourceful, talented woman had just recently and unexpectedly been let go from her former job, leaving her with a totally unplanned lack of income.  In less than a month, she had put out enough resumes to snag 5 (!) job offers of which she accepted 2 part-time.  So why would she even worry about being overwhelmed and stressed out about paperwork, after the stellar way she handled the previous crisis?

Our Inner Lizard Brain Loves to Keep Us Down and Out

Unfortunately we all have a tendency to focus on the negative which quickly becomes a habitual story.

Here are some examples:

  • I have ADHD so I can’t focus and I’ll never be able to …
  • I’ve always suffered from a lack of self-confidence…it’s just the way I am.
  • I’ve tried every diet known to man and I always gain the weight back.  I’m just wired to be overweight.
  • I always get overwhelmed and stressed out when I have to tackle something new like unfamiliar paperwork.

These are all stories that we tell ourselves.

They are figments of our brain’s imagination.

They are not reality–unless we make them so.

You Can Write a New Story

We can get a grip on the positive energy that is at our service, just waiting to be tapped into.

Here’s how:

  1. Observe your thoughts objectively.  Stop letting your brain run wild like an unruly toddler racing through the house with a pair of scissors in hand. Recognize that you are in charge of your brain and your thoughts. Write down your thoughts.
  2. Evaluate your thoughts and decide if they are serving you.  When you find yourself replaying that frustrating conversation or that aggravating situation over and over, ask yourself:  Is this thought bringing me happiness?  fulfillment? success?  If the answer is no, it’s time to grab that toddler and redirect them into some safer and more useful pursuits.
  3. Create a new thought pattern that serves you.  This is not a positive affirmation that is unrealistic and out of touch. Instead this is a focused thought that feels real, supportive and true to who you are.  In the example listed above, my client was able to acknowledge that having been successful in handling a near crisis in her career, that paperwork could be a non-issue for someone as resourceful as she had proven to be.  Here is how you might restate your stories:
    1. I create a daily focus plan than keeps me on track every day so I manage my diagnosis of ADHD
    2. When I feel lacking in self-confidence, I know it is a sign I’m about to do something new and challenging, not a sign that I am incapable. I don’t let it hold me back from growing and changing.
    3. I’m focused on eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that provides my body with adequate energy and nutrition.
    4. I’ve tackled bigger challenges than paperwork and I am capable of learning something new with confidence and calm.
  4. Practice your positive message by saying it out loud.  Notice how often you are complaining to your partner about how stressed you are over your job?  Change the story and tell him or her what you appreciate about your job instead.  Do you frequently complain to your girlfriends about how you can’t lose weight no matter what?  Change your story and share what you love about your new healthy lifestyle and the difference it has made in your life.  While you are at it, take the next step and start a gratitude journal where you regularly affirm what is positive in your life.

Recognizing and harnessing the positive energy that we all possess will double the effect of your actions so that you can be your most successful self.

Changing your mindset is effective and rewarding but not necessarily easy. You will find lots of “reasons” or excuses for not doing it.  Don’t let them hold you back.

Just as the unruly toddler needs consistent discipline and love, so your inner lizard brain needs discipline and love.  Be the adult, the parent of your brain.

Of course it’s hard.

But it is so worth it.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. ~ Carlos Castaneda

Need a coach to help you create successful mindsets?Ready to make a change in your life?Learn more here:
Email me to set up a free coaching clarity call:
Let’s stop making excuses and start making a new future.I’m looking so forward to being a part of the changes in your life!

Erin Shaw

Erin Shaw

Wow!  Lynne’s expertise in Personality Styles, mindset and priority management paired with Kathy Brunner’s expertise in business building and goal setting is a powerful combination.  The interactive and personalized format was engaging and gave me tools I can use and actions I can take right away.  ~Erin Shaw

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The #1 Habit Guaranteed to Increase Your Success

What do you need to do to be successful in your business,

in your relationships,

in your personal goals?

Maybe you think you need to create a schedule and stick to it.

Maybe you think you need to work hard and never give up.

Maybe you think you need to write down your goals and revisit them often.

These things are all important.  But there is one habit that is even more important.  To stay true to your vision and reach the level of success that you dream of, you need to create a system of accountability.

We all have days when we are discouraged and frustrated.

We all feel unmotivated and want to give up from time to time.

Successful people have all those feelings and more.

But successful people plan ahead for those times and set up an accountability partner to keep them on track.

My Accountability System

I’ve spent the last year in Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Business Gold Academy and one of the key pieces of the program that has kept me going is having an accountability partner.  You can see me in the photo above at one of the retreats with Christine and my accountability partner, Mary Frances.  Last week, I attended another Uplevel Event with my new accountability partner, Judy.

me and Judy at UPlevel

Wonder how an accountability partner can be a game changer for you?  Here are some of the ways:

1. They challenge you to work outside your comfort zone.

An accountability partner knows when to push you to stop being safe, to align with your inner strength and step into your power.

2. They share their knowledge and experience.

Trying to figure everything out on your own is limiting not to mention lonely.  Having an accountability partner can give you a new perspective and much needed support.

3. They help you see the big picture.

Focusing on the small details can create a never-ending downward spiral.  You lose track of your vision.  An accountability partner can be more objective and help you keep your eyes on the goal.

4. They call you out on your excuses.

Lying to yourself is easy to do. So is blaming your past, procrastinating and giving in to your personal fears. An accountability partner can call you out in these areas and get you in a more creative and innovative mindset so you can move forward.

10. They stay positive (even when you don’t).

Jim Rohn liked to say that we are the average of the 5 people we hang with the most.  Negative people are destructive to be around when it comes to achieving success. You start to view the world in a negative way yourself and it can lead to you giving up on your dream.  If I’ve learned anything in the last year, it’s the importance of mindset in achieving a successful business.  If you have a positive supportive accountability partner, you are stacking the cards in your favor.

To be successful requires commitment and determination. Your accountability partner can be a coach, a mentor, a friend or a cohort.  You can create the life of your dreams if you set yourself up with the #1 habit of success, a system for accountability.

Need a coach to hold you accountable?

Ready to make a change in your life?

Want to create an exit plan from your job?

Learn more here:

Email me to set up a free coaching clarity call:

Let’s stop making excuses and start making a new future.

I’m looking so forward to being a part of the changes in your life!


 lizagainDream Achiever Coaching changed my style at work with amazing results! Through the DISC personality profile, I was able to identify my strengths and clarify my focus on my job. Lynne had several concrete time management and productivity recommendations that helped me get control of my time. My confidence and productivity have improved tremendously!  ~Liz Chadwick



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Are you accidentally sabotaging your dream?

woman staring window

Are you waiting for your knight in shining armor?

Do you have a story to tell but can’t figure out how to get started?

Do you have a dream business that you are waiting to begin, when you have more time and money?

Are you waiting for a sign that you need to leave your job and start a new venture?

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting too

I used to believe that if I waited long enough, something would eventually happen that would clarify what I should do to turn the dream of writing and publishing a book into a reality. I thought the stars needed to align, my family needed to be happy and successful, my life peaceful and harmonious. Once all of that was in place, I expected someone to walk into my life and perhaps announce, “Any one here interested in writing?  Maybe you’d like to publish a book someday?  Well, follow me!”

Would it surprise you to know that never happened?

Here’s the thinking that kept me stuck:

When I……. then I will….  

Here’s some examples:

When I have the confidence I need, then I will take a writing class.

When I have written something really good, then I will call myself a writer.

When I have sold enough books,  then I will feel like a success.

Do you see the problem with this type of thinking?

It sets us up to be forever waiting and never taking action.  It creates a cause and effect situation that doesn’t really exist anywhere but in our minds.  If I waited for the  confidence I needed to take action…well I’d still be waiting.

I finally figured out that waiting wasn’t working.

Does this happen to you?  Do you say…

When I have enough time, then I will start that business, write that book, travel to my dream destination.

When I lose some weight then I will start exercising.

When I get over being so anxious and afraid, then I will attend a networking meeting.

When I meet my knight in shining armor, then I will be happy?

Change Your Thinking and Take Action Anyway

It may be imperfect action like doing something before you have the confidence to do it but take action anyway.  It doesn’t have to be a big step.  It can be tiny.  But you must quiet the inner critic and begin.  Turn the equation around and take charge of your life:  

I choose to attend a networking meeting even though I am nervous.

I choose to start my dream business even though I have a lot of demands on my time.

I choose to start exercising even though I haven’t lost all the weight I want.

I choose to be happy now, even though I haven’t yet met my knight…

Take a look at the thinking that is holding you back.

Are you accidentally sabotaging your dreams because you are waiting?

Are you preventing yourself from taking action because you are waiting?

What if you stopped waiting and took action anyway?

Ready to make a change in your life?

Want to create an exit plan for your job?

Doors are Open for: Maximize your Momentum Mastermind

Have you been thinking about making a move from your day job to a job that really matters to you?

Feel like you have many ideas but no plan on how to turn them into viable income?

Stuck in a job you hate but don’t have any idea of what you could do instead?

Been thinking about starting your own business for some time but you’re stuck in the waiting trap.  You know…

waiting for the right time,

more money,

better circumstances,

the stars to align…

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Ten ways to make the most of a conference


Conferences can be a great motivator

Do you love attending conferences that get you fired up and energized?

Do you leave a conference and a few days later wonder where the momentum went?

Do you wish you could bottle the information and energy of a great conference?

Stephen Covey in his Seven Habits of Highly Successful People identifies the key habit of Sharpen the Saw.  This means to  always be learning and growing.

   Dan Miller was the first coach I knew that recommended a budget item for self improvement and I’ve followed this advice for years.

Make the Most of Your Next Conference

I used to show up at a conference and hope it would be worthwhile.  I would just sit back and take it all in. Not any more.  Now I come actively prepared to learn. What does that mean?  

 Think about what information you want to walk away with.

This week I will be attending Christine Kane’s Uplevel Conference in downtown Atlanta. Here are some tips I’ll be using to maximize my conference experience:

  1. Review the schedule and plan your time.  Get to sessions early if you expect them to be crowded and sit in the front of the room.
  2. For any given topic, have a list of questions you would like to have answered.  Ask them.
  3. If you attend a conference with a friend make sure they are as eager to learn as you are.  Don’t let them distract you from the subject.  Make sure you spend time apart so that you meet new people.
  4. Take business cards.  Lots of business cards.  Give them away.  Ask other people for their cards.  Make a note on the back that will help you remember the person.
  5. Know your elevator speech:  Who you are, what you do and why you are here
  6. Take pre-stamped postcards or cards to use as Thank You cards for speakers or other people that you meet. Write them while the material is still fresh and send them right away.
  7. Never eat alone.  Invite someone you don’t know to eat with you.  Invite a speaker to lunch.
  8. Identify the new people you meet that you want to stay in touch with and reach out quickly via one of the social media platforms.
  9. Take the time to thank the speakers for the insights they have shared.
  10. Take something to give away: your book, a link to an ebook, something more memorable than your business card. Share it!

Need a coach to hold you accountable?

Ready to make a change in your life?

Want to create an exit plan from your job?

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Let’s stop making excuses and start making a new future.

I’m looking so forward to being a part of the changes in your life!

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Stuck in your job?

jobindepWhat to do in the meantime.

Do you spend as much time complaining about your job as you do working on your job?

Are you envious of co-workers who have left but feel like you will never be able to leave?

Are there so many obstacles to leaving your job that you get overwhelmed and give up just thinking about it?

Do you want to leave your job today, but get no support from your family?

If you’re stuck and can’t leave your job right now, here are some tips for what to do in the meantime.

Quit complaining

My mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

The problem with complaining is that it not only takes energy, it creates negative energy.  You need to put all your creative energy toward finding a solution to the problem.  Make a deal with yourself not to complain about your job for the next week.  Then extend it.

Not only will you feel better, so will the people around you…

Recognize that you have choices

Sometimes it is easier to complain that we are stuck when we really do have choices, we just don’t want to make the sacrifices necessary to take action.  If you have ever said that you are waiting to leave or change jobs when you (get the house paid off, get the kids out of college, get out of debt), know that these things are only holding you back because you have decided to allow that to happen.

What if it’s possible to get a better paying job or start your own business on the side and pay off your obligations too? Rather than looking for an either-or solution, look for a solution that involves both choices.  We so often limit ourselves and our vision.

Make a plan

Rather than wait for disaster to fall, why not create an exit plan?  Create a timeframe.  It can be six months or six years to completion but start today.  Determine what you are going to do on a weekly/monthly basis to get unstuck.

Identify your strengths and skill-set

Know what you are good at and take credit for it.  Don’t think of yourself as “just a teacher” or “just an office worker”. Recognize your unique gifts and value them.

Stay current

Keep your resume up to date.  Identify key companies that you would like to work for.  Research them extensively. Network with other people who can inform you of new opportunities. Stay up to date with trends in your field. Volunteer and sign up for extra training. Keep certifications or licenses current.

There are a lot of reasons why leaving a job is challenging.  Even when we hate where we are working, it is at least familiar, even comfortable.  It is easier to follow the same routine day after day than it is to break out of it and take a risk.

Don’t let the illusion of security lull you into complacency.

Create a plan and come unglued… in a good way of course…

Need a coach to hold you accountable?

Ready to make a change in your life?

Want to create an exit plan from your job?

Learn more here:

Email me to set up a free coaching clarity call:

Let’s stop making excuses and start making a new future.

I’m looking so forward to being a part of the changes in your life!

Erin Shaw

Erin Shaw

Wow!  Lynne’s expertise in Personality Styles, mindset and priority management paired with Kathy Brunner’s expertise in business building and goal setting is a powerful combination.  The interactive and personalized format was engaging and gave me tools I can use and actions I can take right away.  ~Erin Shaw


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